the one mod everyone wants does not exist! the one where balgruuf joins ulfric against the empire!

had to redo the whole game becaue my best character stupidly joined empire and then couldn’T switch sides anymore… And I don’T want to kill ulfric!!!!!

If i have to pick between ulfric and balgruuf, then balgruuf will lsoe!

if martin septim were there, he would have been able to make them all play nice with each other! I’m sure… but he died in the oblivion crisis…

I got a weird mix of fav characters from oblivion and skyrim… mainly lucien lechance, gray fox, martin septim, sheogorath and from skyrim jarl ulfric and to a lesser extent balgruuf. and parthanax and odaviing. whatever the speling on those two is. And i like ralof too.


so yeah. the one thing i want is for balgruuf to be able to join stormcloaks!


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