fuck up

well, at least my civil war is no longer fucked up… and by fucked up i mean that i tried to restart it using comands. didnt go so well. and considering theres this one mod that only works after finishing the civil war, well, according to the author of it. and the prerequisite is that youre on the side of stormcloaks and my character accidentally joined the legion before even knowing the consequences… it was my first char and well… i only decided that i really like ulfric stormcloak alive well after the fact.

so, fortunately, i had another game, but it was male and all wrong. so i had to go to showracemenu and fix him. only it was crashing on me so kudos to the author of precache killer for showracemenu. it was the only thing that let me change the gender of the character. still means i have to redo the companions and the dark brotherhood, but at least i won’t have to do the dawnguard all over again.

though i will have to build anohter manor as the first one is a bit fucked up. no trophy room. and now i can have a fox trophy. thanks to a mod!


and here i was, only about a month ago, thinking that oblivion was superior to skyrim… yeah… not so much. but hey! nothing beats fanfiction! especially those where the civil war is completely reworked!

though they should stop with all the female dragonborns fics. theres not enough slash between ulfric and a male dragonborn. or ulfric and a character from different fandom, but one that is a male.


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