Writing again

And so I’m writing my stories again. Also I’m translating one of my czech ones into english and then I will continue it in english. Hope you will enjoy it when I actually post it. 🙂


Which mod?


I’ve been thinking about writing another Grimrock story that would follow the two I already have. It would be a continuation. But! I just don’t know which mod I should use… I’ve been playing with the idea of using the Forbidden Halls, but hey, I don’t think the gang would want to go to such a difficult mod when they only recently escaped the original Grimrock…

I’ll just have to go through my mods and pick one. Oh well… See you later.


Did you read my Grimrock story? No? Then go and read it. Because I have a great thing to tell you. I started working on the sequel and i already have about five pages written down. This sequel will be shorter than the first story, but there is a possibility of another sequel after that. It entirely depends if I find an interesting mod to turn into a story. Or maybe there will be a part of the story that will have nothing to do with dungeons and they will just go and take a vacation. There is still that issue about Jack being from the royal line and I think I need for Sinister to make an appearance in the tower of mages. I’m not sure if this thing will be in the third or the fourth story, but it will happen. I will make it happen.

Grimrock fanfiction

So I finished my Grimrock story and I’m mightily satisfied with it. I already started on a sequel, which required me to play the mod Wine Merchant’s basement again and it was fun, if a bit boring during the boss fight. Oh well, at least now I have the necessary knowledge to make it into a one-shot story featuring Jack from the story Through the Grimrock. Story can be read on fanfiction or on http://talesfrom-hell.blogspot.com


so im almost finished with my exams for this semester. and regatdless of wether i do this last one or no, im continuing to the next semester. so im incredibly happy. ate you happy for me too?

AC Unity

So I was planning to somehow get my hands on AC Unity. But after a bit of research into the story and gameplay, I decided it wasn’t worth it. The original Desmond Saga was the best and that’s that. And I never even finished that anyway. I just couldn’t bring myself to play till the end when Desmond dies. Not after suffering through watching Altair’s death.

Black flag and Unity aren’t worth it.

I’ll just wait and see what will Ubisoft cook up next. Hopefully, it will be better and bring back the conflict with Juno. I don’t think that was ever finished completely. Or did they solve that in Unity? I hope not!

Da Vinci’s Demons

So I finally kicked myself hard enough to start watching it again. The first time around I watched the first two episodes and then decided to take a break, but then I got my old Assassin’s creed II game working again and couldn’t help myself to turn to this series during my free time.

Which I don’t have a lot right now as I’m doing exams.